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This is What Happens When You Hire A Street Photographer To Do Your Event Photography

“This is what happens when you hire a street photographer to shoot your event!” That’s what a friend said to me after I showed her a portfolio of my event photography. She didn’t realize it at the time, but she gave me a good tagline. A bit long, but it’s the truth: Street photography differentiates me from other event photographers.

I am a street photographer with over 40 years of experience shooting candids of people in public places. This experience has helped me be a better event photographer. Whether I’m photographing a bar and bat mitzvah party, a birthday party, a wedding, or other events, my background as a street photographer helps me take better candid moments—“real” moments. Not just posed shots.

What, in 150 words or less, is Street Photography?

Street photography is a candid, unposed form of photography that captures everyday life in public places. Street photographers aspire to reveal authentic moments, emotions, and interactions of people. We look for humor, coincidences, and significant gestures. Sometimes our photos are interpreted as reflecting the essence of society, culture, and human connections.

A successful street photo combines timing, sometimes offbeat and off-kilter compositions, expressions and surprises. It catches people acting more naturally than they would if they knew they were being photographed.

Here are a few samples of my street photos:

You can find more samples on my web site.

A good street photographer has “ERA”:

Eye: Familiarity with the rules of composition—and when to break them. Look at lots of good work by other photographers and absorb their visions.

Reflexes: The ability to set up and take a picture in a split second. On the street, with people walking quickly and rapid-paced changes, timing is essential. 

Anticipation: Be constantly aware of what’s going on. See things developing and be prepared for them to come to a decisive moment so you can catch them.


What happens when you hire a street photographer with good ERA to photograph your event? 

Here are some samples of recent events that I’ve photographed. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

If you’re looking for the street photography advantage when planning your event, email me to discuss and book me as your photographer!

Also see my new street photography portfolios:


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