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Black and White to Color, and More Photo Restoration Magic Unveiled!

Over the last year, some amazing new tools were introduced that allow me to deliver improvements in my image-editing services. I’m now thrilled to announce that I offer Black-and-White to Color image conversions, better ways to remove color casts due to fading, as well as more subtle improvements in overall image quality. 

I use a combination of techniques to mend broken photos, including new Photoshop features and AI, to get the best image possible. Each photo presents its unique set of challenges. 

Here are some recent examples:

This 11×14-inch photo was taken in the 1930s. It was creased and torn. Defects ran through facial features and the photo was somewhat blurry overall. After fixing the creases and the light imperfections, I applied an AI neural filter to get more facial details–especially the eyes, then delivered a new, museum-quality print to the client, who was thrilled.

This was a tiny, 2×2-inch print and was in a frame that couldn’t be opened without further damaging the print. So I left it in its frame and shot through the glass. I used Photoshop to clean up the dirt on the surface of the print as well as the crease and dust. Then I used a sharpening tool to show his face more clearly. 

My client wanted to show her mother’s wedding photo in glorious color, but first I had to remove mildew damage that was blocking her eye. There was also water damage in her hair. I used a combination of tools. I painted over the mildew on her cheek, painstakingly removed dirt from other parts of her face, cloned and manipulated her good eye so it would look like a natural replacement atop the blocked one. Then, using my secret colorization sauce, I brought it back to life in color!

My final example was a seriously faded slide. A couple of years ago, I attempted to remove the fading but wasn’t happy with the result. Using new skills and tools, I was able to do a better job restoring it to its original color. 


From plain digitization of prints, slides, and negatives without restoration to full restoration services, I am here for you. Give me a call and show me your collection, and I’ll be happy to give you a free estimate.