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3 Reasons to Smile in Your Professional Headshot

Photos © Mason Resnick



Right now, it seems that hundreds of people are competing for the same job, but you aren’t just searching for any job—you’re trying to reach your career goals and achieve your dreams. I can help set you apart from the other applicants with a professional headshot! 

There are so many different options for this crucial picture that it can be difficult to know which can propel you forward. However, you can’t go wrong by selecting one that showcases your smile. Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider a smiling picture for your professional headshot.


Science Says Smiling Works

A professional headshot showing your smile can communicate a lot about you to potential employers even before they take a look at your resume. Many studies have found that people generally prefer seeing a smile. In fact, people with an attractive, confident smile are perceived to be more successful, happier, more trustworthy, and more friendly than those without one. As a result, choosing a headshot that shows your teeth in a smile can improve your chances of getting an interview.


Soft Skills Matter


Employers are looking for more than just qualified applicants. You may have all the technical skills required for a position, but unless hiring managers feel you’ll be a good fit for their team, you may not get the job. Among other soft skills, most companies are looking for candidates with a positive attitude and confidence. A simple smile can demonstrate these traits right off the bat!


Whitening Your Smile Is Easy


In many cases, all that’s needed to improve the appearance of teeth is a thorough whitening. Although you can buy whitening toothpastes and strips at the store, these solutions often only brighten your smile by a couple of shades at most. If you’re looking for more dramatic results for years of stains and discoloration, you need to turn to a professional for more stain-removing power. I’ve partnered with Signature Smiles, your dentist in Edison, who says they can provide in-office treatment or take-home kits that can revitalize your smile either in one appointment or within two weeks.


When you have a skilled photographer take your headshot, you can make yourself stand out in the crowds of people vying for your dream job. And what’s more, when you use one that puts your smile front and center, you can attract the right kind of attention from potential employers.


The above text was provided by Signature Smiles of Edison, NJ.