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Studio Tour: Mason Resnick Photography Underground

My brand new studio, located in the basement of my home in the heart of Highland Park, NJ, is open for business! Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

Overview: Three walls, three different possible backgrounds. I also have white and black seamless backgrounds on request.


Studio services:

First off, here’s a partial list of photographic services I can offer in my studio:

• Headshot and portrait photography

• Product photography

• Photo copying and restoration
• Video with chromakey screen background

No Flash!

Thanks to the miracle of LED lighting, I set up my studio to be completely flash-free. It’s all steady lighting. In years past, steady photographic lighting would burn hot, which was uncomfortable for both the photographer and the subject. My new LED lighting setup runs cool to the touch while providing enough light.

The advantage? There’s no annoying flash, and it gives me a chance to fine-tune the lighting placement and intensity before taking a single photo. As a photographer, that gives me total control over the look of your photo. Fewer test shots are needed, which means faster and more comfortable shooting sessions for you.

A tour around the studio:

The studio space is designed for flexibility and can be adapted to the needs of almost any kind of assignment or project. 

A typical portrait photography set-up.

Copy/product table and lighting, used for copying photos and smaller products.

I can also photograph negatives and slides!

The floor has a hardwood look, which can be incorporated into photos if needed.

One possible video configuration: Includes chromakey blue screen (I also have a grey screen option). This is a great setup for Vloggers, online teachers and anyone who needs a neutral background for Zoom sessions.

Coming soon: I’m currently setting up a client lounge area which will have seating for viewing preview images on a monitor.

Also coming soon: The studio space will be available for rent for photography and video professionals.

Book a session! Email me for info.