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I Am Not A Wedding Photographer

(But I do photograph weddings)

Photos © Mason Resnick


Sometimes I bring my camera to weddings and take pictures, and sometimes I get paid for it. I know, this is probably the weirdest pitch for wedding photography you’ve read.

A bride and groom hire me to take pictures at their wedding because they are familiar with my street photography, and are comfortable with my high-risk, high-reward approach. Typically, they also hire an “official” wedding photographer who can take more typical wedding photos, pictures I generally am not looking for. Since my results are unpredictable, that’s a plan I encourage.

I have been photographing weddings, not as a wedding photographer, since 1981. In some cases, I’ve gifted a portfolio of prints to the bride and groom if they are friends. And sometimes, I get paid. 


My approach, when I take pictures of a wedding either for money or as a very personalized gift to the bride and groom, the approach is simple:

1. Look for interesting things happening at the wedding.
2. Photograph them in an interesting way.

That’s it.

Each wedding is different and so is my approach. I have no formula. I do not try to duplicate.


If you are interested in paying me to take interesting photos of your wedding, I’ll be happy to talk. Here are a few samples of what I’m talking about.