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Unseen Photos of Garry Winogrand In The Streets of Manhattan

“Is it true? Did you really study with Garry Winogrand?” When I took a Master Workshop at the Germain School of Photography in August 1976, believe it or not, I’d never heard of the teacher, Garry Winogrand.  I did not know he was an influential photographer then, and would be one of the most important photographers of his generation. 

“No, but really: he was your teacher?” Yes. His teaching technique was bizarre, and three days into the workshop, half the students dropped out in frustration. But for those of us who stayed the full two weeks, it was (at least for me) life-changing.  You can read my full account (the most popular thing I’ve posted online) here.

A few months ago I was going through the negatives I shot during those formative two weeks and stumbled upon all of the photos I’d shot of Garry at work. Each day our class would all go out into the Nassau Street-Wall Street-Broadway area of lower Manhattan–right outside the school–and walk around and take pictures. That gave me plenty of opportunities to study Winogrand’s approach…and to take pictures of him at work. 

Little did I know there would be interest in those photos decades later. 

Some of these have never been seen before. Here they are. 

Prints are available. Interested? Email me for details!