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A Most Unusual Season for Real Estate Photography

By Mason Resnick
Owner, Mason Resnick Photography

“If you have to sleep on it, you won’t sleep in it.”

I do a lot of Real estate photography. A Realtor said that to me back in July to describe how fast homes were selling. Residential listings, if priced properly and in the right condition, were finding bids within days, and sometimes, hours, for full price or higher. Bidding wars became a thing again this summer. In the wake of Covid-19, some City dwellers changed their priorities and decided living in the ‘burbs was a better option for them. That meant there were more buyers than houses.

And yet, smart Realtors know that the first impression of a new listing is likely going to be online. A professionally-done set of real estate photography can make a difference between getting the call to schedule a showing, and not. Even in this hot market, surveys showed that listings with high-quality images that describe the space got more requests for showings, faster sales at higher prices. 

 Nearly all of the homes I photographed this summer have sold or have had bids accepted.

And this happened in the Summer, which is usually a slow season for home purchases. Will this continue into the Fall and beyond? If the current trend of moving out of cities continues, then there’s a good chance it will.

All we know for sure, is that anything is possible. Remember that the planning you do now will affect your business in the future.

If you’re a Realtor who I haven’t worked with before, and you can see the benefit of hiring a professional photographer, I’d love to talk. Please email me and we can get the conversation started. See more samples of my real estate photography here.

Here is some real estate photography of homes I photographed over the last 3 months.