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Photo Restorations

Bring your old slides, negatives, and prints back to life! I now offer personalized, custom, classic photography revitalization available locally in my studio in Highland Park, NJ. Now your favorite fading and damaged memories can be restored to their former glory! 

Pricing for restoring damaged photos ranges from $25-$200 per image, depending on the extent of the damage. I can even colorize black-and-white photos!

How much will it cost? Call me at 732-221-8748 or email me at to arrange a drop-off so I can examine the originals and give you a no-obligation estimate. I need to see the photos in person as some issues may not be apparent based on a snapshot of the photo. 

Upon approval I then create a high-resolution digital scan of each photograph and go through it pixel-by-pixel and fix the damage.

Just scan it? Yes, I can scan collections of slides, prints, and negatives without restoration for as little as $0.50 per photo in bulk. Call me at 732-221-8748 or email me at for details!