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Generations Photo Restoration
We Fix Your Favorite Family Photos

Welcome to GENERATIONS, the new photo restoration service from Mason Resnick Photography!
We digitize and restore color and black-and-white prints, slides, and negatives.
We are a local business based in Highland Park, NJ. We also can handle online orders. Read on to learn more!

Free Estimates
Each print, slide, or negative that you bring for photo restoration is unique and must be carefully examined and evaluated. Customers can either drop off the photos at our Highland Park, NJ studio or email high-quality scans (see below) for evaluation. You will be given the total cost estimate before the work begin. You are under no obligation; photos can be dropped off most weekdays by appointment only.


Just Scans
Digitizing your prints, slides, or negatives is available for our local customers.
Cost is $2.50 per scan in small quantities.

Volume discounts are available – pricing is as low as $1.00 per scan when doing batches of over 500 scans for example.

All scans are high resolution, and the resulting images can be printed up to 16×20” (although if the originals are very small, such as a 2×3” print, we don’t recommend that).

Scanned Negative turned to positive

Repaired damage over eye

Photo restoration
Restoration pricing depends on the amount of work needed.
Bring the photos to us and we’ll give you a no-fee, no obligation estimate for the work needed.

Sample restoration projects and pricing
These numbers are guidelines. Every image is unique, and many photos may have multiple issues so all prices are customized based on the actual work needed. Here are some sample images and prices to give you a rough idea.

Scan and minor spot removal

Faded image

  • Basic faded B&W restoration $15
  • Barely an image (B&W) $25-50
  • Severe fading restoration $40-50
  • Color shift/fade restoration $30-40
  • Restore faded color image as B&W $25

Very faded photo from 1901

Heavy damage, including crack across facial feature, dust and other scratches, water marks and more

Damaged Photo

  • Dust and scratches $15
  • Water or mold damage in unimportant areas $25
  • Water or mold damage over faces and bodies $50-75 per person in photo
  • Minor scratches, bends or tears $15-20
  • Moderate scratches, bends, or tears $30-50
  • Severe scratches, bends, or tears $50-75
  • Torn or scraches requiring facial restoration $50-100 
  • Missing important areas rebuild $50-100
  • Severe damage $75 and up
  • Torn/missing important areas of image $75 and up (some images with missing areas may not be fixable)

Mildew-damaged print

Colorized wedding photo from late 1940s


$25-100, depending on how many people are in the photo

Note: Again–these prices are for guidance. Some images may have multiple issues (such as fading + water damage); that’s why it is important for me to examine each image and give you an estimate.

Moderately damaged group photo restored with colorization

Email, send, or bring photos for estimates!
If you are not near Highland Park, NJ and wish to take advantage of our services, either mail the original print, slide or negative, along with a self-addressed, stamped return envelope (or with a pre-paid return mailing label), to: 

Mason Resnick
Generations Photo Restoration
518 South 1st Ave.
Highland Park, NJ 08904

(Be sure to pack it in a hard envelope, and write “Do not bend” on the outside to avoid damage during shipment. We are not responsible for damage in transit or lost packages. Traceable USPS, UPS or FedEx is recommended.)

Scan-and-email option:
Alternatively, you can email me a scan of your original at Photos of prints taken with smart phone cameras do not offer sufficient quality, and therefore will not be accepted. Please follow these scanning instructions for optimal results.

Scanning instructions:

  1. Clean the scanner glass with a lint-free cloth before placing the print on it. 
  2. Set the scanner to scan in RBG Color (or 24-bit color), even if the original is black-and-white.
  3. Set the resolution to at least 600 dpi. If the original print is small, set it to 1200 dpi.
  4. Turn off the scanner software auto adjustments such as unsharp mask, Digital Ice, Descreening.
  5. Preview the scan to make sure nothing is cut off.
  6. Save the image as JPG (or JPEG), minimum compression, and highest quality selected.
  7. Attach it as an email and send it to me with the subject line “Photo restoration quote”

8.   I will respond with an estimate within 24-48 hours, and will work on the image upon your approval and payment.

Payment for online and mail orders
Payment online via Venmo or PayPal. You can also pay with a credit card using the PayPal link.