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The New Yorkers

A sneak peak at my long-awaited Book project–New York street photography from 1976-80

In the summer of 1976, when I was 19, I took a two-week Master Photographer workshop with Garry Winogrand. It was two weeks that turned me on to Street Photography–and changed me as a photographer. Ever since, I’ve been drawn to the streets of New York City.

Little did I know those photographs would become a part of a historic record of that place and time. Fast forward to 2020, when I went through those photos, discovered images I’d missed the first time around,  and put together a collection of 80 images that will (hopefully) be published soon as my first book!

All of these images are available as 6×9″ images on 8×10″ exhibit-quality paper for a pre-publishing price of $50 per print, plus shipping. Email me to order your print! Sign up to get email updates on the project’s progress!