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Revisiting the Winogrand Workshop, Part VI: The last batch…or is it?

Well, I’ve scanned, spotted and otherwise prepped the final three rolls that I shot in 1976 at the Master Workshop with Garry Winogrand, two weeks that helped me define myself as a photographer. It’s been an amazing journey, revisiting photos, some of which I remembered (since I still have the work prints floating around) others of which were new revelations.

So, here’s the last batch. One thing I noticed? I kept getting closer, apparently more comfortable working the crowds.

But wait–there’s more! Sneak peak at the bottom of the pix 🙂

Coming soon:

Winogrand in New York, 1976: Photographs by Mason Resnick
20 never-before-seen photographs of Garry Winogrand at work on the streets of Lower Manhattan.

As we walked out of the building, [Winogrand] wrapped the Leica's leather strap around his hand, checked the light, quickly adjusted the shutter speed and f/stop. He looked ready to pounce. We stepped outside and he was on." —from Coffee And Workprints: My Workshop With Winogrand by Mason Resnick