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Introducing Wedding Street Photography

There are no shooting scripts in real life.

There are no checklists, no formals, no posing. There's reality, and it can be funny, ironic, heartfelt, silly, complicated,  poignant, and always memorable. These moments may come and go in the blink of an eye. But a typical wedding photographer's job is to follow a script, making sure to photograph the ‘right’ moments at the right time, and record all those expected poses, set-ups and events. 

This is an important job, one that will result in images that you will treasure for a lifetime, but it doesn't allow much time to go off script.

As a classically trained street photographer, I am always on the lookout and prepared for those unexpected moments—the casual conversations, the ebullient celebrations, and the emotionally tender interactions, that are equally treasured and perhaps even more so because this is our real life.
I have found that newlyweds love this kind of reflex-driven, high-reward form of photography at weddings since I trailblazed my unique technique in the early 1980s.

I call it Wedding Street Photography.

The roots of Wedding Street Photography

In 1976, I studied with Garry Winogrand, one of the most influential street photographers of the twentieth century. Garry's candid, reflex-fast, unconventional approach to composition has influenced a generation of photographers—myself included! Since then, I've shot hundreds of thousands of street photos in New York and elsewhere, perfecting my techniques and honing my vision over time.

And it was in the early 80s, while talking to another photographer friend who was about to get married, when it hit me: What if I applied Winogrand's "attentive observer" approach to photographing weddings? I asked my friend if I could bring my camera and experiment at her Simcha, and she said yes. 

After that, several more friends let me experiment as their ‘unofficial’ wedding photographer, working side-by-side with the pro. I experimented with a technique that combined an action-freezing flash with a long exposure, and the results were dynamic, energetic, and happily surprising. 

I found many of these photos captured the physical and spiritual energy and joy that I feel is a major part of Orthodox Jewish weddings." I enjoyed shooting this kind of photography for several years...and then stopped, in order to become an editor for two of the world's most-read photography fan magazines, Popular Photography and Modern Photography.

The New Way To Capture Your Wedding

I recently returned to professional photography, and am bringing back Wedding Street Photography, for the digital era. If you are planning a wedding, you can now hire me directly, or you can request me through your professional photographer as a second shooter. 

Packages are designed and available for every aspect of your wedding, from photographing the reception only or including pre-event preparations, the ceremony, through to the very end of the festivities. A unique coffee table book with the ‘photographer's choice’ edit of images is included in all packages; exhibit-quality prints and additional books using customer-chosen images are also options.

Please take a look at the samples in my Wedding Street Photography Gallery. Most of the images were shot in the last two years, but I've mixed in a few oldies from the 80s! While the examples here are all black-and-white, color is available on request. 

Wedding Photography pricing: Call or Email for a quote. Queries from professional wedding photographers are also welcome!

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