Ultimate Israel Photo Tour 2018

Bedouin Village, Negev. © Mason Resnick

Carmel Market, Tel Aviv. © Mason Resnick

Western Wall, Jerusalem. © Mason Resnick

Announcing the Ultimate Israel Photography Tour 2018 With Mason Resnick!

July 28-Aug. 9, 2018

If you're a photographer, this is the tour for you! We've created a 10-day experience that will give you opportunities to photograph both well-known and "off the beaten path" sites throughout the Holy Land. We'll be there as Israel celebrates 70 years since its independence!

Join us for a joyous journey and capture memorable moments you'll savor forever!

Where we'll stay:
• Tel Aviv
• Tiberias
• Kfar Hanokdim (Bedouin village in the Negev desert)
• Jerusalem

What we'll see and do (partial list):
• Tel Aviv/Jaffa Street Scene
• Haifa
• Rosh Hanikra
• Zafed
• Golan Heights Jeep Adventure
• The Sea of Galilee and surrounding areas
• The Dead Sea
• Bedouin Village Overnight Experience
• Masada
• Jerusalem
• Biblical Zoo
• Archeological dig
• Avshalom Cave

We'll have photo opportunities for:
• Wildlife photography
• Nature photography
• Street photography
• Night sky/astrophotography
• Architecture photography
• Photography of historic and holy sites


Co-sponsored by Ya'lla Tours USA, Mason Resnick Photography, and Janet Zirpola - Cruise Planners travel consultant.

All food included in the program is
Kosher. Shabbat observers welcome!

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